Worst Win Condition

AOE 4 could be such a good game. COULD BE. If it wouldn’t be for this genius win conditions.
Imagin playing a chill round of 3v3. One enemy is already out and the other two are under attack. You have the upper hand in every spot.
But what is that? A small army of fire lancers snuck by and is in your base! Noone can catch up to them quick enough and the landmarks fall one by one.
By the time your far bigger army is back home your two allys are already kickt out of the game.
You reenforce the last base and go to finish the last two enemy but what is that sound?
The 100 Supplie army of your dead ally just got woololod and now you play 4v1.
gg ez, what a great game.

Whoever the **** thought this win condition is a good idea … like what?!
Just make it like Starcraft, the moment all landmarks fall every single one of your buildings is reveald.
Or maybe new build Town Centers count in as Landmark, even if unfinished.

This Win Condition is just frustrating and dumb and don’t get me started with the fakt you can woololo grey units …
It’s just no fun to wall in everything just to not randomly lose in 5sec.

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did not you heard dev’s talk?
Build a wonder and protect these wonder with matrix of walls.
No other way to play TGs. You just did not understand the game, get used.

this is supremacy mode (without win conditions) in custom games

Blobs aren’t the way to go. You must maintain a constant pressure on your opponents, forcing them to focus on a central point whilst you are walled off elsewhere to make sure that there are no sneaky rush attacks around your center of attack.

If you do not do this in every single game that will be going late, your rate of success in dealing with such circumnavigating attacks will not be high.

Please consider also, a hefty number of chat messages to your allies, informing them of your plans and prompting them to do the same for you. Communication is an important part of walling and pressuring properly. Also, be friendly and kind to your allies, even if they do things that are greatly distressing to you; they probably don’t intend to be doing things that will make your team lose, and therefore should not fear scolding as some players dish out before quitting.

Critical thinking is very rare these days. Everyone can be a super amazing game designer and everyone’s ideas are really cool!!!

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It is happening less but I still have bad experiences with FL ruining the fun.

The last game, we were winning a competitive game, our armies were in their base but it was still far from over. Then I notice my teammate mass FL run past their armies and end the game. It was not fun for anyone but the FL player.

I have had bad experience playing as RUS on maps where my allies cannot easily wall me in. I have had bad experience as Abbasid where it is not really plausible to wall of just my landmark and my ally let them into our base.

At the end of the day FL landmark sniping is not fun and ruins the experience. I would actually be fine if they kept their fire damage for everything but landmarks. Let them raid and takedown my infrastructure but don’t end the game in less than a minute because they manage to break through the walls.

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