Would a card ban list work in this game?

So according to the steam page of RoR for AOE2DE:

The Roman civ added to AOE2 (not the AOE1 port) is not available on ranked.
I think this is to address the evergoing argument of “Romans do not belong to the time period!”, but I also think something similar could be done to AOE3 to mitigate its harsher conflict between contents (unprecedentedly huge for most RTS) vs multiplayer balancing.

Banning whole civs would be a bad idea. But what about every civ only has a hand-picked set of 50 (numbers made up) cards to choose from on ladder? The list is determined by both the dev and the community, banning some broken combos and updated seasonly like balance patches.
This might be easier than tweaking stuff back and forth because the depth of this game is so unpredictable that new combos evolve time after time.

The rest could still be used for casual games and single player contents, I really hope there is more of them.

this sounds like it would incure too many weird restriction on people, what happens if someone bans cards that essentially will disable any reasonable deck for a faction? it will screw with the game too much, even if it theoretically could work.

much better would be to simply balance the cards better.


Well it’s not banning cards for each game, but having a universal “selected” list of cards for all ranked games.

So it should be carefully selected not to limit to too few build options, but also restrict some broken combos.

It’s an interesting idea, but for a game that offers such a colossal range of play styles, putting a cap on that feels instinctively wrong to me, even for the stuff that feels unbalanced. Way I see it, if something’s broken you’ve got a lot of tools at your disposal to try & make a rebuttal.

That’s just me though, maybe it could work as a separate mode or a setting that you toggle.

Sorry, player 1, you are not permitted to ship 4 mantlets. it is forbidden. it did not make the list. unacceptable. bad. CONFORM TO META


I wouldn’t have any problem with that either tbh because I don’t care too much about the ranked pvp or esports.

But quite a few people seem to complain about the very deep combo pool being bad for competitive games. That’s probably true. If they were to build up a bigger competitive scene, they should probably really “restrict” the possibilities.

Of course that would be hard restricted by the system in a specific mode, not by players’ self-discipline.

nah, this topic was a mistake

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the problem i can already see is that its would be a huge technical challenge.

The entire home city of the civ is loaded in every game so you can select your deck

Assuming you can even ban cards, that would mean that either

  • all the decks with banned cards are visible, but they cannot send it so you are basically forcing players into having less then max decks and having to either make 2 copies of the same deck
  • somehow make it so that before they QS or ready they must have a compliant deck, which is even a tougher thing to check for and display to the player and considering how the random civ choices work, probably going to involve a tonne of work just to make it vaugely work
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I wonder everyone reads this as players banning cards in every match like civ/map bans…

I’m talking about a universal ban list, or more accurately a universal permitted card list.
Basically you have a smaller pool of cards for ranked and esports.

still the same challenge, the way the game works is that the entire home city is loaded in and you see all your decks so either you are going to see a tonne of decks that just doesn’t work, or you can select a deck that includes a banned card that cant be sent (which means its a dead card) and people having to create a bunch of decks for compliance reasons.

and then the other problems as well

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In legacy there is a different home city for supremacy and DM.

I can imagine a different home city for ranked and other modes.

literally 90% of all the cards are a non issue, so why ban them. good players know 6 cossscks is a bad shipment, but doesn’t mean it needs to be banned from competitive games.

if there’s 6 “bad” cards then balance those instead, not rewrite the entire game


the old system is still connected to the same templates in the back, ie all the home cities are still the same with the same cards

to basically remove cards is basically modding effectively so you would be creating alot of effective new civs with tiny changes to the card pool

they also removed all the UI stuff for multiple home cities, so they will have to add that system back in as well.

edit: it would be faster to make a competitive mod

That’s for good players.
One barrier for new players to get into pvp is that they cannot figure out which to use. So having a smaller list might help them.

Of course there is always a “soft” “implicit” selected card list among good players, but new players would be really discouraged if they cannot figure out.

I personally do not care about this tbh but since quite a few people complain, I’m just curious of what people think.

Or maybe a simpler way is to just add more pre-built decks in the home city panel for new players as a startup.

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or make the prebuilt decks suck less

(load up a game with a preset hausa deck and tell me you have any chance of winning a game, at all)

I get a perfect correlation between what AoE2 devs did and Mexico being OP on treaty… just saying

Ngl the premade treaty decks got me to try blitz mode, its not a bad idea at all