Would anyone support a weekly crowdfunded tournament?

Hi folks, I figured I’d just repost the link here to the reddit poll to avoid having to add up results from two different polls. If you don’t mind submitting a response there that’d be very appreciated.

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Hi folks,

In the SC2 community we have various weekly cups. This may very well be the case in the Age scene, but I’m only now returning to the franchise after many many years away.

The model I’m thinking of is the Olimoleague. This was a crowdfunded (via Patreon) tournament that meant to give players an opportunity to play high level matches often enough to keep them active and practicing, while giving the community exciting games to watch and replay packs for those supporting the tournament via Patreon.

If we could even get 200 of us to chip in $1, or 40 of us to chip in $5 a month, we could run 4 weekly cups a month with a $50 prize pool. Nothing huge, but at least something. I think high level players would play, maybe not Viper, but some of the top folks.

I’m just gonna throw this poll here, to ask if anyone would consider it, before I tumble down the rabbit hole of trying to set it up. Please answer honestly. If there is no interest, that’s totally understandable! :slight_smile:

Question: Would you support something like this financially via Patreon?


Fantastic idea. The OlimoLeague is a great model. I really hope there’s a tournament scene for this game, both official and player-driven. I want to play myself!

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