Would aprecciate a more accurate ethnic correspondence to villagers visuals

I believe that at some point before the release something in those lines were adressed to devs, with a reponse that would be no changes in that way.

But, still, would be much aprecciated to have villagers from Mesoamerican, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asian civs with a better ethnic corresspondence appearance match to their real world counterparts, instead of just the same generic caucasian villager to everyone.


the devs said it they will not make it, maybe a modpack?


I would support this a lot!! There is already some references at the military units for given civs, so maybe it wouldn’t be very difficult to do.

I don’t know why people did not supported the different unit skins for every civilization in Single player games.

They could create not only different villagers but skins for every type of unit.

I understand this being disabled on multiplayer, but in singleplayer, specially on the campaigns, the game would be much better.


I think giving unique looking units for each civilization (or just for region just like architecture) would have been bad descision design wise. During the beta they had tough time making even current units distinguishable, so I think it would have been unrealistic to make region specific unit skins in the given time.

Just a quick reminder that the tech tree and unit icons are still locked to blue, because devs were unable to make them look good in all colors. I wonder when this will be fixed.

The skin colors for villagers and units would have been cool touch though. I don’t think that skin color would have made big impact on how easily different units can be recognized. Then again, I have not seen side by side cmparison between gbeto and black skinned female villager.

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This would be pretty great

As much as I’d want to have tons of diversity between many civs elements, I understand the exact problem that our friend stated above. That’s why I ask it only for the villagers visuals, because I think that wouldn’t demand superb efforts nor would disturb units balance and recognition, whilst this would add more coolness and immersion for the gameplay.

This is a must! They’re already doing this for AoE4, but we need it here.

I understand that for multiplayer this would not be very good, as making units distinguishable is very important for the competitive aspect.

But for singleplayer…? You think it’s a problem for singleplayer? Specially in the campaign, you play the same Civilization for 5-6 missions and your enemies Civs repeat most of the time.

This would improve the campaign a lot, adding a good amount of immersion with the units having their unique skins. And of course, having an option to disable it, if someone get confused with the units and want the old way. We should always respect the opinion of the people that don’t want something changed.


I agree to this. This would enhanced the game visuals a lot. We got unique Monks(unfortunately DE didn’t add unique Monk graphics it seems but WK did fine job with this) graphics and really didm’t took much time to get used to it. I don’t get the reason saying this would make units hard to recognise.

At first having regional skin colors for villagers seems like a good idea, but on the other hand it would be very mismatched with military units still having default skin color.

It would be good if could somehow set skin color (like player color) for units in editor, so that color could be set dynamically based on civilization in game. It would allow to create all unit graphics once and then set skin color to anything later without needing to create unit graphics for each skin color. It seems complicated though.


But what happens right now is that the game features militar units that the ethnicity correspond better to their real world inspirations whilst still having caucasian villagers for their respective civ. The black cameleers are a example to this.

Yeah, but all camellers look the same.

Changing just the villagers would be werid. It will end in a limbo: everything is not equal but not different either.


I agree hahahahahaha but for me the game already is on that limbo. Some villagers skins wouldn’t hurt.