Would be extremely good for the game that if soldiers could have a load shout of war before going to combat and i would be audible for all allies

So we could be filled with excitement before each battle, or excite allies or make them aware that we are going to fight.
this loud shout of war could be activated with a hotkey and be usable 3 times in a row maximum

They do that though right? I always hear screaming in large fights.

It doesnt ring across the map but if you are around you can hear it given how loud the music is I dont want too much

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its just when they win
but before fighting there is nothings, no exciment, soldiers just walk to death, they just celebrate after winning a fight

Sounds illogical for musketeer army to shout while shooting.

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its before fight starts, a shout to raise excitement to fight!, to fight with energy!, only activated manually, not activated while fighting

I think there is another kinda general screams that happens during fights or when units engage in combat.

edit: yeah just tested it, if you attack move near enemy units they start screaming