Would having different prices for Multiplayer and Campaigns help draw more people to the game?

What do you think about pricing the game (Multiplayer only) for $20 or even keeping it free while charging a different rate for campaigns? While I like playing single-player campaigns, I would be buying the game primarily for multiplayer. Many people would not be ok with spending $60 for the game in its current state. However, if I can play the multiplayer for cheap/free now I can always buy the campaigns when I have the extra money to spare. This would also make it much easier for people who are not sure about getting into AoE or RTS gaming. Also if the devs want this game to be an esports, making the multiplayer more accessible would be the right move.


I think it would be wonderful but I also think it’s not going to happen for a long time. Like most projects MS writes blank checks for in recent years the point of AoE4 is to sell Game Pass subscriptions. You can’t entice people to buy a $15 monthly subscription when you can just pay $20 to own the part you like about the game for life.

I am assuming they will take 6-12 months to see what kind of esports scene develops around the game, if any, and what effect it has on Game Pass adoption, if any. Then they will decide on a DLC strategy and what the new base price should be.


You have more chance of winning a free copy of aoe4 on the showmatch streams (you cannot win a copy in the giveaways). Nice try though.

I quite like the idea, as it’s pretty much the Sc2 way of doing it. Have a couple of free stuff bound with a multiplayer (whose factions shouldn’t be limited by what DLC you own) and sell that for a base price point, and have all other campaigns cost like 10$ each. That would be an incentive to make great campaigns as well as maintain the multiplayer.