Would it be a positive change to add Hunting Dogs back in feudal age?

I mean, if the tech is avaible in feudal most of the time it will just be map dependant instead of luck dependant. You csn even reduce the effect if too strong

It will always be luck dependent because Hunt spawns are random, and you not always have yours nearby enough.
Hunting Dogs made already favourable Hunt spawns, OP. It was also a “must-research-right-now!” tech, instead of an option, right at the beggining of Dark Age.

No, it was researched at the mill. Which somehow made it less convenient that it may seem; for water maps, you usually build a mill way late (so, fishermen were affected by Hunting Dogs basically in feudal age). For land maps, you only benefitted from it after the first boar, since you usually don’t build your mill before taking it.
Also, it costed 40 food and 25 wood and only by taking like 4 deers it would be worth to waste these resources in Dark Age. The only real reason that pushed the developers to remove it was that Magyars had this tech for free. 25% faster working hunters for a civ that has cheaper scout line was way too much.

Yeah, I just caught that. Sorry, I was going from the Wiki earlier, where it said it was a Dark Age tech – and, so, misinterpreted the thread title (thought you meant “…add Hunting Dogs back in Dark Age (where it was)”, among other reasons

I actually don’t want Dark, Feudal, or any age to go faster. I just edited my post to say this