Would it be possible to mod the chat filter away?

As the topic states. Would be nice if they didn’t assume we’re all kids, also regular conversations in languages other than english get censored for no reason. Considering its not likely they’ll remove the filter i really really hope we can use mods to get rid of it.

yeah, you cant even refer to the japanese as jap, because it gets censored.

I tried editing the prwordlist but it doesnt seem to be in use.

Did you create a mod with the new prwordlist?

Yes I did, no change to what was being censored though. I’ll try adding all words i can think of that it filters and disable them specifically later. Removing words from that wordlist did nothing either way.

just change their instances from ‘kill’ to blank

It doesnt seem to include all words that are filtered either, thats why i wanted to see whether adding them would override

It’s probably related to the server so you cannot really mod the censor list at all.