Would it be possible to toggle the Abun as a military unit so it doesnt show the idle flag?

I know its probably low on the priority list but it’s very annoying to be late game as ethiopia and constantly seeing the idle vill flag when it’s just your abuns, who have run out of mountain monasteries to gather from. I like to keep them with my army at this point but it’s very distracting. There should be a way to just toggle them to being military units with a stance change or something, so they don’t show the idle flag.


Yeah same with aztecs healer. Every other healer is not a military unit but aztecs one is. So selecting all military will select them and move the away from plaza…when they are dancing…

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Aztec have healing ceremony so, why keep them off the plaza?

But back to the original topic; architects they become idle and sometime you’ve built all your houses and don’t need anything new yet. and they set off the flag, it confuses me since I need to know when the settlers are idle not the architechts.

And military wagons.

Aztec and Inca priestesses are military units, they always get called when you use the “move all military units” key.

Yeah I was even thinking about making a thread about it in the bug section, but it has been so long that it must be this way because of some design reasons. Personally, I can’t see one, but hey.
Idle vil counter becomes much harder to read with Abuns counting in. It’s especially annoying in treaties, with news shipments, normal Abun training and ofc production of vills it can get a bit chaotic.

I would also very much like to see them be qualified as military units.

I want them to stay on plaza

Inca is not. 20 char

I dont play Italy often, but why would you want your architect idle? The buildings are free and to me it seems like misplay to say that you have all the houses you need. Cant hurt to make an extra barracks, stable, whatever, build a mill for future. Maybe just an outpost for a little defence.

They can also chop wood so I don’t think they should ever be idle.

Abuns at Monasteries also get called in. They’re pretty good at healing though, so half the time it’s beneficial to do that.

But you don’t want your settlements to be too crowded either.

Maybe you want to build a forward barracks or stable but it’s a contested area and not safe for your architects yet.

Your settlement doenst crowd that easily, stacking barracks at your base is easy without it being so.

And like someone else said, pretty sure architects can gather wood.

That would be awesome. I wish all the AoE games actually had the option to toggle units like that and healers and such between “military” and “non military”.