Would like to see more variety in wildlife in AoE IV

I tried out a skirmish map with the Asian Subtropical biome on my first play, and I was disappointed that deer, wolves, and wild boar were the only wild animals I could find while scouting the map. I would prefer greater variety in species to make the maps seem more alive. You could have camels in the desert, bears in the temperate forests, ibex in the mountains, and tigers and elephants in the Asian subtropics. Maybe even have crocodiles lurking beside rivers and lakes? I hope more species will be added in DLC or updates.


That’s a pretty valid point. I know AoE3 for sure had a wide variety of animals based on the map location.


Yes, more wildlife adds heaps to the immersion


Yeah would be nice. Only issue with boar is they tied civ bonuses to i, but meta hasn’t really developed around boars yet so who knows if it even matters.

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Boars are almost everywhere. That is not a problem.


For potential American maps we could use “javelina” as in AOE2 (though it looked the same as boars), and for African warthogs,

Oh I agree it’s not a problem for having maps all over. I just mean for people who want more variety than different pigs, like elephants and rhino’s and stuff like the other games have.