Would like your help settling an argument

I also like to kill stuffs and i will delete the things that I could not save.

You say this:

But you also say this

So really you have no problems “ruining the experience” so long as it’s other people’s experience.

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I think he is actually ruining his own experience the most. I mean if he would continouusly ruin the same persons game experience that would be bad for that person.
But really just a few guys in a community of thousands that don’t waste each others time is just a poor little, neglectible bittiness. Really, I don’t care about them.
In the end they are just punishing themselves.

Enemy and teammate are different, you can kill enemy without any problem but kill teammates is considered as grieving. Walling off enemy is okay but walling teammates’ TC or resources is grieving too.
I have no problem with ruining enemies’ game experience, because we need to beat up each other anyway. You are free to resign if you don’t want to fight. it is simple. I think most of the people will accept the easy win because I haven’t seen anybody complained about winning.

Well you should. If you gartify yourself without working for it you translate this into you whole life concept.
If you want to be successfull in life you need to delay gratification.

So again, you are only punishing yourself.

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Ok, I’m just going to pull up this poll from a while back, and show that most people think it’s toxic to do a lot of the things you find acceptable.

Enemies and Teammates are all people, actual people. Playing a game, for enjoyment.

So I disagree with you whole heartedly. Better to play game and have both people enjoy it, win or lose.

You can “beat up” your opponent in the game and win, and they can still have a good experience. You can lose terribly and still have a good experience.

Trying to win a game by deliberately ruining the experience for the opponent is griefing. Using your logic you may as well shout abuse and racial slurs at them until they quit because nothing else matters right? Ruin their day and get elo - hurray!

No Un-Hurray

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Interesting that hiding vills isn’t even on that Poll… maybe cause it’s a given that it’s bad sportsmanship.

Feel free to point out if it’s there and I just can’t see it though, it’s late.

I think that No GG is the closest thing to it.

I just don’t understand how someone can get offended by the opponent not saying gg.
Saying gg is mostly for your own mental health by just acknowleding the performance of your opponent and don’t blaming bad map or whatever.
So if your opponent doesn’t says gg it actually just shows he can’t process the loss in a healthy fashion. If you feel offended by that… That’s just stupid. You got the win, you have all right to be happy and proud of yourself. Why do you let your feelings be hurt by somebody who you just beaten that can’t process his loss…
It’s just stupid to feel offended by that, really.
If you do that you give your opponent a “free” compensation victory, cause he is then in your head.

Pursuing winning is a fair point but I think the way you reach it is also important. It does no good either for you or your opponent to win in a way like hiding villagers and wait for disconnection. Everyone plays game for fun, while hours are wasted in searching and hiding and that’s why hide-and-seek exists, not AOE.

I don’t know how many people are happy after they lost a game. Sometimes I might not care about losing but I would not be happy.
There are many behaviors are not enjoyable for your enemy. Many people will resign after getting douched or lamed. I also heard of that people don’t want to fight against hoang rush, so I am sure about that most people don’t care if their enemies can enjoy the game. Anyway, there is no rule to stop people from being mean so we need to accept it and do the things we want.

Have I understood you right?
You say because some people have been mean to you, you want to be mean to other people?
What is this nonsense?


The way to stop it is to be the bigger person, and model the behavior you want to see. If even just you do it, you improve the experience for your opponents, and make the game more enjoyable for everyone, regardless of winner. And by being respectful and decent for them, you encourage them to do the same for others.


For me, the question is not whether HE thinks you already lost, but wether YOU think you can still win by killing him. And you didnt mention that.

Your opponent doesnt know your situation very well, maybe you are high on resources and techs, so you just need to prepare raiding from a corner of the map while defending on the other corner.

I feel it is not a “legit victory” in the sense the game seems to have ended due to lack of time from one side… A win is a win, so you are the one who should take the ELO, but you cannot really tell him “I beat you” if he left due to real life business. Even if he would need 10 more hours to beat you.

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I mean lets say i get castle age pushed but can escape in a corner then my mind would tell me that its worth trying and build up again with alot of luck i can hold my old base a bit longer to distract him to launch a counter attack. Eventho its a big set back i would try to come back and fight him

This is were it gets confusing the granture of 2 situation that both get seen equaly but are completly different

Hiding a vill in a corner to prolong the inevatble no but being able to push up build again and try thats worth it

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Well, the fact your opponent was not able to just blast you off the map - which he could, had he truly won the game, no matter the amount of walls - shows he does not have the skill to win the game. If you survive 90 minutes, your opponent is a REALLY bad player and did not earn the win.

However, i hate it when people do this because if you are above 800 elo this just wastes time - not even that much, but still like 10-15min i would rather spend playing the game.

Just get good at finding and killing vills, use Spies, Outposts, scouts, whatever.

Or just spam the map with idle military hotkey and place individual units in a grid more or less at a very rapid pace.

To meet I thought I could still win. He was sending small bands of knights and I would clean them up. Then he would build a big army wipe the base I would get 30 or more vills away start building again finish the last army and then deal with small bands until he makes a big army again.