Would you be interested to play quick tournanement without leaving the game to play the next one?


There is a way to play a tournament from the quarter of final to the final on a single map without leaving the game.

  • 8 players on a map
  • 2 walls who split the map in 4
  • 2 players in each zone
    In each zone they have to fight each other, when two players are kills, the wall between the 2 remaining players disapear and they have to fight 1/2 finals. When it remain 2 players on the map, the last wall disapear and the fight for the 1st place.


  • More fun to make a tournament, you don’t have to wait between game or leave the map
  • You have avantages to kill quickly your opponent (you have more time and more resources)

Very easy, there is trigger who detect if an ennemi is defeat

Would you like to play that? (argue for or against)

I think as a custom map that could be quite cool. You put four sections, with two players in each, and indestructible walls separating the players with no way to get to the other side. If a player is in an area by themselves, it then waits until they are beside another single player before matching them. Basically people fight for the right to have exclusive control of an area until they have to start another fight. They could even enforce something like not letting people advance to Imperial Age until they have defeated another player. It shouldn’t be an official tournament or in ranked, but as a casual general map it could be good. That’s how I see it.

What about ranged units? For example, if a player killed his opponent early he could use ranged units to attack enemies behind the wall, doesn’t he? Maybe each player is allied to opponents who are separated to him by a wall. If the wall gets removed, then the status changes to enemy

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Just gotta watch out for onagers/briton trebs, so ensure that there is a thick uncuttable and unrangeable treeline between areas that even trebs can’t shoot across.

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Sounds like a fun map. You have incentive to finish your opponent quickly, because then you can boom unopposed until the next wall goes down. If you have a strong economy and military ready it should be easy to take out an enemy that just finished a tough battle.

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My assumption is that you don’t get reset down to a TC and 3 vills. I think it’d be a fun map to play for sure, but I don’t think it’d be a tournament.

If you are left with your same res and units etc then here are the problems I see:

There is a huge benefit for defeating your opponent First or Last, If first you get to boom and mass before the walls come down. While the 2nd person to defeat their opponent is coming straight out of a fight and now has to fight 1st person who’s recovered.
If you choose not to fight you opponent you can both boom up and wait for all other 6 players to slog it out and then you fight your 1v1, guaranteed 3rd or 2nd place.

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