Would you like to go back to previous patch?

Revert anniversay patch to previous one
  • Yes
  • NO
  • I am not sure

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As anyone who actually plays the game and sees others streaming i am quite surprised of how the users from this forums are not complaining massively against the new patch that turned the game into HD 2013 performance, game is unplayable for team games, there is a new delay at any command, sometimes is more laggy than others so there is not even consistency on that.

The anniversary patch broke the UI we were used to, not only visually and it less intuitive, but it adds lag, despite their hotfix try to invite mates to the party and pick civs when the match is found, is unacceptable the animation is consuming all the time to choose a civ and well its super laggy.

Performance, i could always play this game with blue clock no matter the population and the number of players, now i get yellow or even red when everything is fine in my end and net, the game gets massive fps lows and stutter, it feels so heavy.

The balance changes are questionable, to me the only good thing about the anniversary patch was the fix in the fonts, for modding that was awesome specially for the CA team, but other than that the patch is a huge downgrade.

I really don’t know what were the changes they did that killed performance, but the hotfix did nothing and trying to fix it will probably take more time and more bugs, the easiest way to fix it is simply by reverting the patch, this is not like any previous broken patch, because one thing are villagers walking in gold mines or jumping walls and another is not being able to play the game cause the performance went down drastically and i am not the only one, you can notice it at any streamer playing team games, it is even present in 1x1, hera vs viper had lag and delay at commands in 1x1, current patch will take players away.

At very least the devs should allow us to use previous patches just like they did back at the HD version, what do you guys think?

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