Would you like to have more zoom levels in AoE3 Definitive Edition?



Hi, the zoom levels of AoE3 are fine, but in aoE3 DE it would be nice to have a zoom level that allows you to see even higher.


Yes Zoom Out is needed


I think the current zoom levels are ok, but I wouldn’t mind further out ones. It’s kinda weird going from an extreme zoom like in AOE2 to AOE3’s much closer zoom.


Getting something more never hurts :smile:
As for AOE 3 i think more detailed graphics and a simplified scenario editor[i might be only one who is bad at scenario editor maybe]will be enough.

To be honest all AOE games were created perfect,they have just rusted[in terms of graphics] with tide of time… some polishing work and all AOE games are good to go.


zoom is okay but maybe a slightly larger range wouldn’t hurt


i really wish. just a little bit more zoom out would be great


Is there any AoE III D.E. trailer??? please share it to me


There is none. No information aside from the announcement that it is in development and Win10 exclusive.


You must wait after the release of AoE 2 DE.
Plase don’t be off topic with themes.


Let’s hope it will be released not long after AoE2:DE, especially cuz they are being developed simultaneously.


Source? Because I’m not sure of that.


It was mentioned on Microsoft Studios stream. Unfortunately, the stream wasn’t saved.
You can read more about it at Age of Empires Team on Microsoft Studios Live


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