Would you like to see AoE become a cross-platform game?

Right now there are no plans to bring AoE to Xbox consoles. Would you like to see this amazing series become a cross-platform experience? Another game I love (Rocket League) brings PC and Xbox console gamers together to compete and share their experiences. Would you like to see AoE grow and thrive on both platforms? I added a simple “yes” and “no” answers to the poll; if you have a good reason for keeping it on PC only I’d love to hear your case. My poll choices beside a simple “yes” or “no” show my bias on the subject… Don’t let that deter you from voicing your personal opinion.

If that things wouldn’t cause issues such as lags and frame drops per second, then I simply see no reason why it shouldn’t be done.
The greater the userbase is the more popular the game will be, and in other to have a healthy competition it is a, wise option to allow all people to play together so you allow them more option in competing.
No one really like being limited to a certain player-base where they barely have anyone at their skill level whom they can beat, or who can pose challenge to them.
So yes, unless it would cause technical issues…

I’d love to see AOE:DE on multiple platforms. It’d help the game reach more people, like people who don’t have windows 10, mobile users, or console users. That being said, I wouldn’t fault the developers for not doing that. Shipping a game on multiple platforms is really complicated and expensive. It may not be especially difficult in this case if programming for xbox, windows 10, and tablets running windows are all pretty similar, but even if that were the case, user interface is a big hurdle for cross platform play. Action games like Rocket League and FPS games can translate well between platforms. RTS games are often clumsy and hard to use on consoles compared to PC and mobile interfaces. If one platform is easier to use than another, playing people on other platforms becomes inherently unfair. If they game did not allow people to play people on other platforms, there is still the trouble of translating user interface to the new device. It’s not impossible, but it is time consuming and (since the people making AOE:DE are being paid) expensive. There hasn’t been a new AOE game for a long time. AOE:DE is probably an experiment to see how well recieved another AOE game would be. Microsoft would be foolish to spend above and beyond their (probably very carefully calculated) budget to add cross platform play until they know it’s going to be successful.