Would you recommend this game?

I’ve been reluctant to buy AoE: DE for a number of reasons: general feedback/reviews, not being on Steam, the fear that it probably hasn’t done very well commercially and will be abandoned by the developers. I was never happy with AoE II: HD (unresolved engine/performance issues, the variable quality of the expansions) and AoM: EE ran like ■■■■, received an awful expansion, and was then abandoned by the developers.

What is performance and stability like? How is game balance? Are there any notable bugs or issues that remain unresolved?

Basically, would you recommend this game to someone?

The game is fun, but i have to admit, the whole not going on steam part and ignore their current market position to get players in is just stupid.

Look at Age of Empires 2 on steam, it has a daily stat of at least 10-15k per day playing, whereas AOEDE is lucky to have 5 game lobbies at once.

The whole, you need to have Windows 10 to even play the game kind of ruined stuff too for alot of people. I have played AOEROR from day 1 up to the day zone.com died and am a hardcore fan, but this kind of made me question about even buying the game. Eventually i did, but i still wish it would just find its way to Steam before it is too late and dies.


Well, this game was abandoned even quicker than AoM:EE, that much I can tell you.

Quite horrifying. The game requires 16GB RAM to even have the possibility of running at max detail.

Take your pick, for example attempting to open chat will freeze your game.

Sadly not, assuming they’re a friend of mine.