Would you subscribe to my music Youtube channel?

I have been playing the Age series since 1997. So I have come to this community and similar ones based on the Age series to promote my Youtube channel. My aim is to produce short music video clips which at the moment don’t have much to do with the Age series but I wanted you to help me get my channel off the ground.

I am trying to raise funds for a charity purpose… OK I’ll tell you the full story my brother is a priest and his church burnt down. So I have tried everything I can to help relocate and build a new church. I don’t have permission to collect donations from anyone but my goal is real it is not a Nigerian scam. You will not make millions from this and neither will I. The reason I don’t have official permission is because the church that burnt was a Community owned church not one belonging to the Church and also I need to prove we have a backing before I put forward a proposal.
Proof here of fire: (yes it happened a while back and I have tried everything)

I am not very good musically, I know my singing is not very good, but I can play pretty well. Your help by liking and subscribing goes a long way. I am hoping that this last ditch effort can get an income to spend on the above goal. I have worked out that I need $400,000 as a minimum and all I can do is hope that by producing videos and earning advertising income I might be able to pull this off. The catch is that I need all of you. I won’t be able to earn anything unless I reach 1000 subscribers at a minimum. If I was a popular teen in real life I am sure I would already have that, but I don’t have many real friends aside immediate family. So I am relying on your goodness. Once the above is over I may use any income as a pension in 20 years time, but by then the channel will probably be dead just like me but for now I am on a mission for God. Thanks for any help.