Wouldn't it be better if the cannons produced from the factory were produced in the artillery foundry?

Wouldn’t it be better if the cannons produced from the factory were produced in the artillery foundry?

The Heavy Cannon, Rocket, Papal Bombard and Great Bombard produced at the factory now have to be produced in the artillery foundry. Because the cannons produced in the factory are quite far from the war environment, especially in the treaty games. The superiority against the enemy is lost until the cannons produced in the factory come to the battle environment. Thus, both loss of time and serious economic losses occur. For this reason, the artillery produced in the factory must be produced in the artillery foundry. In this way, there will be no loss of time and economic damage.

That change won’t happen


That’s what makes them special and so much better than artillery foundry cannons. They’re too good to be produced easily.


They would be so absolutely busted if you could pop them out of Artillery Foundries.


for just 1 pop more than horse art you get 2 more range and 1 extra AOE than horse artillery and more than twice the HP. only really giving up speed, and a bit of DPS (but i imagine the AOE might counter act that).


Makes me want to make more horse artillery

Maybe with a card.

This card would allow foundries to train rockets, great bombards, papal bombards and heavy cannon at the same train speed as the factory (but maybe allow batch training?) but you have to pay full price for it.

Card should also increase the cost of building foundries by 100 wood.


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I would rather have factories train artillery foundry cannons instead.
With a card, maybe.

I don’t see a problem with being able to train Heavy Artillery at the Foundry via card, BUT NOT IN BATCHES, just one at a time.

Legacy civs - the euro civs - just got a bunch of things to scale them up the the power creep between more shipments and/or upgrade cards.

Before, when they’re basic infantry/cavalry was weaker it might have made sense to have a late age 4 card/tech that enabled heavy artillery spam with factories pulling for eco - play that industrial revolution angle. Between buff to the legacy civs and nerfs to the rest (particularly african civs), they have enough with either eco or unit power to keep up without something like this.

At most, the British can get something like this to highlight being the first to start the industrial revolution (with corresponding nerfs) but thats about it.

Nope! These units created at the Factory won’t be produced at the Artillery Foundry because that won’t happen since there’s no need to create these at the Artillery Foundry.

Just for precedent’s sake:
The earlier versions of Wars of Liberty had the Latin American’s equivalent of the Factory Heavy Cannon trainable at the foundry.

The unit was so incredibly busted just from the fact that you could spam them from foundries, making every other artillery unit in their roster (which they had many) completely irrelevant since they simply outshined everything else. Only other unit that could keep up with them was their mortar equivalent when we made them capable of attacking units lmao.


Hausa can train heavy cannons from palace. But it is pretty slow, locked behind an expensive age 5 tech and,doesn’t allow batch training. Maybe other civs can be the same

Maybe as a solution to this, a tech should be added that allows Heavy Cannons to be spawned at Outposts, Forts or Town Centres after being trained from the Factory. This will still give an economic cost to producing these elite artillery, but will not have the additional hinderance of travel time across the map.

Bad design. This is trade. If you want eco you build factories deep. If you want cannos you build factory close to battlefild. But it’s not worth it. No one will risk a unique building for the sake of a dubious advantage, which is countered by dragoons, hussars, culverins and even melee infantry.

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