WOW the community has grown!

It’s crazy it
been over a year since I’ve logged in here and the community has grown so much it’s insane imma love to interact with u guys! I’m a huge RTS fan coming from the settlers and I’m giving AOE a try now ill start playing the previous ones.


Nice man! Welcome to the club. Don’t forget to be a insider!

gotcha lets see if i am

Of course you’re, man, how else could you be answering this? Besides, it says after your name that you’re one. :wink:

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Been on the forum for 2 years now. What’d the point of being an insider thought?

Welcome in our community! :smiley:

Looking forward to agreeing and disagreeing with you on here.

As an insider you can see special developments of games that are only for insiders. You signed an NDA for that. Like Age Of Empires 4. Also as an insider you get extra options to be the first to experience the beta during AOE4 and get access. As an Insider, you will also receive support from Team Age of Empires faster. Countless extra things are what you get. For more info, check out this link: The Age Insider Program – Age of Empires

Welcome to the club!!