Wrong colors in minimap as spectator

Just look the screenshot

Thanks for the report, we’ll get someone to look into this.

Observing a specific player in a 4v4 replay, toggling the name does not change the observing color in the game or in the map.

So if I started observing my replay of a 4v4 game. My team is yellow and my color is blue. Toggling view to another team name, or let’s say opponents name. Doing this my color remains the same, blue, whereas you would expect the person you are observing would be the blue color.

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Thanks for letting us know. We’ll get this forwarded for the team to look into.

When I watching the replay of my (and I think not only my) game, players colors on map are always mixing.


This bug by unknown reason depends on fog of war: if it’s disabled (viewer can see full map), and viewer switches between players, this stuff starts happening.

PS: if I will enable fog of war and switch once between players, colors will become valid.

Above is a screenshot of the bug. See the mixed colors in minimap. I saw at least two other reports of this bug, but no comment that this has been noticed by the devs or is being tracked. Here is one.

Like the title says, this starts the moment you start switching views to other players. The color of the player that’s showing on the panel where you switch view never changes when you switch to another player, so all units and building they make from that moment will take the bugged color.

So let’s say the color of the player the replay automatically begins the view on is BLUE, when you switch view to the other player, the panel for switching view will still show the color for this other player as BLUE (this is a bug). Then all units and buildings produced by the player from then onwards will also show as blue on the minimap, and also when they go behind an obstacle, like trees, but are still visible (partial transparency of obstacles).

I hope I explained what I noticed is the main issue in this bug, and I hope the devs also track this.


OK, so I noticed a band-aid solution to the bug that also gives more insight into the bug. The bug still needs fixing though.

Changing the Player Colors via Settings from Team-Based to Unique stop the problem from happening. It’s the Team-Based color setting that is bugged. It produces wrong, mixed colors.