Wrong creation time for tarkans on stables

Build version: 101.102.19672.0 (#85208) 11323713

For huns civilization, stables work 20% faster, but in stables tarkans are created in a longer time than in castles, when it’s supposed to be in a shorter time, just like it happens with huskarls in barrks for goths.

That might be intentional.
Generally units from Castles train about twice as fast to compensate for the high cost of a castle.
Goths are an exception here.

Stable Tarkans are supposed to train slower than Castle ones, because you can spam Stables and not Castles.

Tarkan / Elite Tarkan at stable train in 26 / 24 seconds, which is further reduced to 21.6s / 20s with the team bonus. Tarkans at castles train in 14s.

check out Improved Extended Tooltips mod which shows all unit’s training times.


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Hi @WitchDoctor
This is like that by design.
Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

Hey, can you look into the Lithuanians having a Cuman or Tatar player name 90% of the time? Much appreciated if you do.

How can you tell units in castles train faster if you can’t compare?
For example, when playing with goths, huskarls can train in barraks, and the time is exactly the same, but it’s even shorter for the bonus goths have, barraks work 20% faster.
So I expect huns do the same way, why would I train tarkans in stables if the bonus doesn’t work that way? it has no sense.

because stables are easier to make than Castles.

with 5-6 stables u easily outproduce 1 or 2 Castles