Wrong Turkish (Some Terms) Localization please improve (old version)

Burgonia wrong translates
Coustillier must be Kostiler for easy Pronounces
Bir çağ önceden
Yaş and Çağ is mean Age but Çağ is mean Era-Epoch Yaş is mean about creature ages
Cavallier → Süvari
Castle Age → Kale Çağı - Çağı’nda
Burgondian Vineyards > Burgonya Şarap Tarlaları and description have to be (Çiftçiler yavaş yavaş yiyeceğe ekstra altında üretir)
Emanetler was Kadim Eserler (Relics) Not ÜRETMEK its HAVE to be ÜRETİR
Sicillia wrong translates

Serjeant is mean Çavuş
Not İLK must be Birinci

General wrong translates
Akıncı is mean in Turkish Raider HAVE to Ciritçi or Göndergeççi
Shatagni i think must be Şatagni
Moors we dont call Moro or Morolar we are call this people if living from Iberian peninsula were say Endülüslüler (Andulusian) if living in Africa then we are call Emeviler (Ummayyads)


Unfortunately they aren’t very good with localizations, in my language they still got the the name for xbow and arb wrong.

in Turkish is correct

where are you from

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I hope they can work on this.

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thanks i hope so fix thoose words

The Dev team could use some Ottoman names of these units, if there is any. On the Sicily civ overview instead of “kara askeri” you could and should just use “piyade”

Actually “kara askeri birimleri” is correct translation because its land military units from original language + its mean literally land units “Land military units” units like champion halberd huskarl conditierri

Here is English versions

most words fixed thank you but still sarecens must be fixed i will re-post of wrong terms