WTF. already cheat program for AoE DE

I’m betting that just like old gaming, Microsoft won’t do jack ■■■■ about this. horrible.

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I noticed that in the video allowed cheats was enabled and wonder if it still would work after disabling that as the application probably only pushes the used keystrokes for that type of cheat to the game’s process.


It’ll ask some testing, but well that’s kinda what happen to all game stored in local (meaning no server) and for soloplaying yeah it’s “normal”. Now what should be looking into is multiplayer, while i believe the p2p hosting should prevent that (grame crashing maybe), maybe the host can abuse it if the option to host as server is ticked.


I suppose if someone feels empowered by beating me by cheating…good for him. I’ll just look out for his name in the future.

I dont think it would work in a multiplayer mode. It wouldnt work or cause out of sync issue.

This would be good for those times when I do silly stuff like spam clubmen on steroids to the AI Iron Age, given we cannot copy and paste the cheats like the days of old.

The devs would be able to test if this thing would be a problem in normal multi games with no cheats enabled.

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But the problem is there is certain player that everytime you play with them and they are on the weaker team/about to lose, the game suddenly goes out of sync and all players get kicked out afterwards… I find it interesting and suspect that they’re using such a way to crash the game whenever they feel like it. I seem to be the only one to notice… But interestingly, it’s almost never happening with anybody else. You can literally hear the chatbox before it crashes. So maybe they’re sending a specific text that make us all crash? I mean idk.

This kind of desyncing right before losing in order to avoid loss is common in AOE 2 HD multiplayer.

across all AOE since the DAWN of AoE multiplayer.

It will cause desyncing most likely.

Come to think of it, in the past I also had desyncs in some games for no reason, usually mid-way into the game. The people playing were roughly the same so one or so most likely caused the desync.