Xbows vs Ranged Melee

Is it viable to use Foot Archers against those annoying Melee Ranged Units, like Chakram Throwers, Axe Throwers, etc, when you can’t go Cavalry? Or should we just Castle Drop them/Siege them even tho they hit Melee Armor (which Siege lacks)?

Yes, it’s totally viable, you have a range advantage, and they usually aren’t great against archers with upgrades. Chakrams can shred entire groups if you aren’t careful though, so using staggered formation against them probably helps a lot if you don’t just want to micro them down.


The archer line is considered to be a pretty good counter to ranged melees. They tend to have more range and don’t cost food (important in castle age). They are also easier to mass as they are made from ranges instead of castles. Along with a few other reasons idk. In imp the range is even better.

Siege is okay vs them. Axeman is fine/good, gbeto are fast so not the best to use vs but have low hp so one hit will destroy them with magos, scorps also chip them real fast. Chakram throwers idk, they are a bit faster than xbow but do low dmg even as melee dmg.

I think the TO refers to that ranged units are seemingly unplayable in XBox.
That’s at least what i heared, haven’t touched a controller for years.

Where are you getting that from? They didn’t mention Xbox at all.

omg 11 i read xbox in the title 11
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