Xbox Achievements Not Unlocking

Game Version:

  • Build:
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: xNASTYxBUTLERx


Went to unlock the final Challenge today (destroy castle with a trebuchet).
Anyways, I finished the match with the Bulgarians, I got the Steam achievement for winning with them, but did not unlock it for the Xbox.
Apparently my computer’s connection to the internet, via wi-fi, went down, I wasn’t made aware of anything due to playing with bots. So I didn’t discover it until seeing the main menu log in at the top. The Challenge didn’t register either and I had to play another match with a secured connection for it to stick.
Upon playing other matches and winning with the Bulgarians, I am still not unlocking the “win with the Bulgarian civilization”. I have been able to unlock two other Xbox achievements (Win a Regicide Match and Kill King with Petards) while trying to see what’s going on.

Reproduction Steps:


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