Xbox aoe2 civs not working

Last night everything worked fine on my xbox aoe2. Today i go to play ( I have all 3 dlcs ) and it says i have to buy to deluxe version. I cannot play any civs whatsoever including base civs. This is happening for me and 1 other buddy who both play on xbox. Microsoft help pleaseeee.


Yo fr, my friend just hit me up about it, 4 playable Civs are available for the not definitive edition on game pass. What happened?!

This also happened to me tonight!
I wasn’t able to solve it and I’m also searching for answers.
I have DE with all the expansion packs installed on my Xbox, but the game won’t let me pick any Civ without routing me to the Xbox store to buy the expansion packs which I already have purchased and installed.
I played a game tonight where everything was normal before going back to the lobby and seeing all but 4 civs locked (Berbers, Britons, Goths, Malay). No matter which civilization I try to choose, the game sends me to Xbox store.
Restarting the game, restarting the Xbox, and reinstalling the game + expansion packs didn’t fix the issue.

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Same here played fine in the am now got 3-4 to choose from I bought deluxe too just preordered the new one today

The game is broken on Xbox :frowning:

Same issue. Only 4 playable civs. I don’t own the game. Just have it through game pass. Is that the reason?

No because I as well as others have purchased the game

No. I completely own the game and all of it’s DLC.

It doesn’t work for anyone on Xbox.

Same with the four guys i play with. Most civs were black and white. No matter which one you clicked on it took me to the store to even though i already purchased everything. Then i deleted the game to re-download but now i cant even download it.

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Not sure if you got this resolved but I had to go right to the store to redownload. It didn’t fix anything for me last night but allegedly things are working normally again.

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awesome ill check tonight when i get home!

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