XBox Bugs/Issues both in menu and in game (Including KBM Use)

A few things have caused me some issues since starting to play on Xbox, I play on Xbox as my laptop is the equivalent of using two potatoes.

I’ll split categories between Menu and Accessibility issues and issues in game using KBM with the Xbox.

*- = Issues both in Menu’s and In game!

Menu and Accessibility:

  • Unable to add/communicate with steam players
  • Unable to sort custom games by sub categories I. E. Number of players etc.
  • When searching custom games list only every shows 60 Games
  • When in quick play Xbox users get no chat box during pre game countdown (Before loading screen) although 14s for instance can be heard being spammed by PC players if said Xbox player takes a little while extra choosing their civ based on team mates choice for instance and therefore there is no way of communicating.

*- Intermittently/Occasionally in order to chat after opening/selecting the designated chat/text box, players are required to input with the A button on the controller before they are able to type a message.

In game:
-(This is probably the most frustrating/irritating issue when Using KBM with the Xbox)
When clicking ANY icon within the game UI (Including but not limited to; Buttons/Icons around the mini map f.e ‘Ping’, action and building buttons (Keybinds QWERT etc.) specific unit selections in groups and when cancelling any unit production/upgrades, players are required to click in the very top left of the icon in order to actually use them, if this is not done correctly the UI buttons almost work as if they are ‘see through’ causing any selected units to move to where that button is on the screen and pings to be in the incorrect location and the currently selected building/menu/unit composition to instantly become deselected (usually without the desired effect of the icon that has been clicked) I have also tried different cursor options to try to fix this issue.

If anyone knows of any other issues with the Xbox version of the game Menu & Gameplay wise or has any fixes/suggestions for the issues I have raised here, please feel free to respond.
This is my first post on AoE’s forums and I haven’t been able to find anything else of the sort on here or other sites so I thought it best to post here!
(Hoping this is the correct location)
Looking forward to a hopeful patch in the near future.

Happy raiding! :crossed_swords: