Xbox Color blind mode needs more flexibility


Would it be possible to manually select the different colors and shades for each number? not a pre-selection of colors but to manually pick which color (and intensity).

I am color blind and I have troule disginguishing between:
3 & 4
1 & 6
5 & 7

In the middle of a fight I just can’t distinguish between this colors and I get quite sad, to be honest.

I have tried all 3 color blind options and they are even more confusing as they tend to be different shadows of the same 2 colors. These modes can be good for people who are VERY color blind (almost black & white). There are many color blind difficulties and different spectrums and the best solution in my humble opinion would be to allow the player so specifically select the color and the intensity. In my case I think I can just change color 3 (green) to a darker green, for instance.

Please devs, help the Color blind community :frowning:

thx for being such a great team