Xbox console edition is more practical than you think

I’m bringing this up as there is a tsunami of people asking about this but I can’t find any reliable info so hopefully this is somewhere that can change.

A console edition of the AOE games we all love separate from the pc version is needs be where do the devs and everyone else stand with it?

I want to introduce my friends to this game as they all live history and rts strategy but only play on xbox and I mean i can’t see why a console version shouldn’t happen there is clearly demand for it and there is definitely a market for rts and turn based strategy on xbox with games like
Halo wars ( obvious one)
Command and conquer
Mount and blade

All these games work extremely well on console and have a pretty large consistent player base where do things sit with a future console port? especially to the next gen gamepad support is definitely possible and even with that mouse and keyboard is widely available now on console


afaik they said no console at this point. they will check it once they finished the PC version and see how well it sells ( guess)


Can keyboard and mouse be used on xbox x? Definitely should

I get that hopefully they know it’s a project that would be worth their time I play age on pc at the moment but you must see it aswell all over anything they post about age there is people screaming echboch

It can people use it in shooters and survival games as far as I can tell plus most of the strategy games I mentioned I’m sure allow keyboard and mouse and gamepad


I think so. I’d imagine it would be a requirement for this game to function on Xbox. The resolution scaling may also be awkward if you were to play on a TV vs. monitor.

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I would love a console edition, Please Bill Gates

Mount and Blade is an RTS?

Mount and Blade, Definitely not an RTS. But I hope for the sake of console users maybe that functionality would exist. Controller RTS is not a good play experience and would be a significant disadvantage.

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I would call it part rts part rpg it does have elements of both to be fair and there is absolutely nothing wrong with console rts games I play pc and xbox the experience is entirely down to preference a controller may be a little slower but the whole keyboard and mouse vs controller thing is over exaggerated I can easily see age working with a controller having played both platforms

If we are talking traditional RTS, I don’t know many that were on consoles. Even Halo Wars had dumbed down controls so it could be played with controllers. I don’t mind them porting it to consoles, I just don’t think they should worry about it rn

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Things like stellaris and northgard and ancestors legacy atleast the ones I’ve played anyway I get where you are coming from though they should definitely get things 100% before looking at console ports mainly xbox probably giving who owns the game studio it would just be nice to have everyone get in on how good age is the community is already huge and so many nice people on it

It’s the whole maybe and possibly stuff that you get from devs that can be frustrating for people me included rts definitely is more doable on console than it used to be

Is AoE a turn based game franchise?


I can’t find the context where I said that but if I did then I’m a potato no no its rts obviously I play alot of both so that was probably a slip of the brain there

The whole point if this thread thingy atleast is to make somewhere people can talk about console editions if age so not as many people are harassing the devs in every post on twitter about console

Lmao no. Consoles sucks ■■■. A different thing with turnbased games, tho it doesn’t work either.

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You can keep that nonsense rhetoric to yourself thanks stop looking for beef with people consoles are absolutely fine lmao I play both


Good luck having x-platform mp sessions. Desync like crazy due to Sony and Microsofts Xbox lack of service. Won’t work. Games already out there, non rts, struggles a lot. Get a decent PC on sale.


From what I can tell it can’t be much worse than the mp stability we already have for age if I sounded pissed before sorry lmao given the right resources go in on the development side it would work out just fine there are plenty of big rts games on console that can be a little demanding late game stellaris for one I’m all for consoles getting I have a decent pc ( I think) it would be cool though to get it to the hands of people that haven’t played it especially seeing as the new gen consoles are probably the most capable step up the platform has ever made within reason