Xbox Console Port News?

As the title says I was wondering if there has been any news on a console port for Xbox. I did read an article a while back that said they would consider it if they could figure out the controls. I have the game on PC but my laptop just doesn’t run the game smoothly. It did when the game first released but somewhere down the line with updates the game just stopped working.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I don’t spend much time on this forum.

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I guess that’s a unanimous no then lol

Current console gen can’t run this game, this game requires strong CPU, high IPC and high frequency since it only uses one core for gaming.

xbox series x and ps5 will use a stronger CPU, so for those consoles it might be possible to run the game and port it, well not much like a port since xbox series x will use an OS based on win 10.

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That’s great. Thanks for the reply.

It would be nice if they released an a age of empires console edition with bigger people and smaller buildings and one that’s specifically designed for consoles. Like a whole new game not just one that’s adapted for console. Idk maybe I’m asking for too much

Ah it’s a shame. I was just hoping it would come to console eventually as I mainly play on console these days.