Xbox Content Editor

Forgive me if this has been posted some where, I have been unable to find any information on if the new Content Editor is available through Xbox/Gamepass. I read in the steam version it was found in the game file, but I did not see it there after the update. I know gamepass hides things, but figured I would ask before purchasing the game via steam.


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I just wondering too

I think XBOX Gamepass edition includes MOD Editors.
No directly shortcuts on app displays in a XBOX application, but I could make some tuning packs MODs.
Once Installed AoE4 and open an installation-folder by Windows Explorer(an E key during in pressing a Windows Key) and (my recommendation is) a searching “EssenceEditor” and manually linked to Windows Taskbars and so on.

Edit: Mod Tools Icons shown in a Windows start menu with a fresh(?) installing. not required (in) manual setups, sorry.

Yep! I updated the game and it now shows up in my start menu