hi folks been playing aoe2 on xbox i think the game is amazing, ive been playing halo wars 1 and other strategy games since 2010. I would love a new controller friendly rts. I think the base building aspect of aoe2 is its strongest suit. I think AOE2 is the best RTS game to this day.
Things Halo wars does better than AOE2:
-Units gain experience with battles, they can earn stars each of which gives +attack and hp
-Economy has diminishing return and is always slower than production, this makes it more strategic and less AMP intensive.
-camera rotation.

Start in the STONE AGE(stone to bronze age) just like in aoe2 at slower pace, you will start being able to collect 3 resources WOOD, FOOD, STONE. and a building to collect each one. You will also be able to build a BARACKS, and WONDER(will give 1 star to each unit). Houses and palisades can also be built. If rally point from TC is set to a building, villagers will go work for that building(if set to a mill, villagers will build a farm around it and rally point can also be set to a small building within the TC to build farms around the TC).

FEUDAL AGE(feudal to renaissance) unlocks STABLE, TEMPLE, IRON(new resource), WORKSHOP(siege), FORTS/CASTLES, STONE WALLS.

RENAISSANCE AGE(starts with gunpowder ends before planes and tanks) Unlocks UNIVERSITY, SULFUR(resource).

MODERN AGE(begining with WW1 tech end with our wildest dreams of future techs and units for each civ) STABLE turns into FACTORY, unlocks OIL(resource), AIRBASE/SILO(Building that can build planes\missiles and launch attacks, planes come back to base and can be shot down) POWER PLANT(building that provides extra yield from resources) can be upgraded to FUSION REACTOR to provide a small trickle of resources when they run out)

-Barracks builds infantry(mele, ranged, anti cavalry in feudal)
-Stable builds cavalry heavy and light class. When it turns into a factory it can build tanks and turreted vehicle.
-Workshop builds artillery(anti building, anti infantry,)
-There are limits on walls and Power Plants that can be placed down
-the number of civs will be limited to 1 per each area of the world, AFRICAN, WEST EUROPEAN, EAST EUROPEAN, EAST ASIAN, MIDDLE EASTERN, HINDU, MESO. each one must have different bonuses and units. Aoe2 has enough for inspiration, I suggest using someone from each area for inspiration. For example i think east asian should get gunpowder sooner than other civs to represent china getting gunpowder first.

-A WONDER can be built for each AGE, so 4 per civ total. Wonders from past ages cannot be built. Each wonder will give existing and new units 1 veterancy(10% HP and DPS), veterancy can also be gained through combat, infantry can also merge into cavalry and siege class to provide its veterancy to the more expensive unit.

-This game needs to be similar enough to AOE2 so older players can play right away and simple enough for new players to no be overwhelmed.

Check out halo wars xbox controller gameplay, there is a beauty to it there is also a beauty to the base building of AOE2.

Will be updating and answering questions