Xbox Games Showcase Extended - No Real New Updates

The remaining 2 civs were announced (Holy Roman Empire and Russian, which were leaked over a month ago), but there wasn’t any new real footage or news. Most disappointingly, the beta is still “coming soon”, which hasn’t changed since the fan preview over 2 months ago. With 4 months until the game is launched, it looks like the beta will be last minute, and likely reserved for multiplayer server stability testing or to capture any crash fixes, instead of being centered on receiving feedback on game plan or balance.

Link to video:

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Didn’t you see the gameplay images? It is not much, but at least we finally have seen the game running.


I didn’t think that was anything new from what was previously shown, but I guess?

We learned the final 2 civs, and we saw some new water gameplay, unedited aswell, we see the UI, and the minimap.



There is a lot going on at the Mini Map. Many grey icons probably referring to neutral places like sacred sites (we saw one) and neutral trading posts?

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Looks similar to the other French buildings so likely French.

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The 4 campaigns are gonna be :
-Norman Conquest
-The Hundred Years’ War
-The Rise Of Moscow
-The Mongol Empire


Yes, the red ships that appear before have the Fleur de Lys on the sails.

They talked about two new civilizations (confirmed them), talked about two campaigns for the Russians and the Mongols, showed the gameplay of ships and the gameplay of how ships can intervene in a land battle, including we saw “special points” on the map, how firearms units shoot, and guns, there were buildings - In the meantime, the author of the post - “There are no frames and news.” Funny.


They talked about two new civilizations (confirmed them) We already knew this
Talked about two campaigns for the Russians and the Mongols We knew more campaigns were coming, but as a competitive online player, these aren’t really relevant to me
Showed the gameplay of ships and the gameplay of how ships can intervene in a land battle We saw ships before as well as scenes of them in combat
Including we saw “special points” on the map, how firearms units shoot, and guns, there were buildings We’ve already seen buildings and the mini map before

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Yes, great that we have gameplay images, but as you mentioned, “it is not much”. That’s my point, and thank you for agreeing.

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What did you expect? Maybe I’m wrong but you sound disappointed. I would’ve been astonished if the revealed more new stuff

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We’re 4 months from launch. Beyond knowing the existence of the 8 civs and campaign, we know nothing.

We know that there are no longer white cartoony flashes when units fight in melee and that’s good enough for me :smiley:


We are having a lot of fun in the new gameplay mechanics post. There was a lot interesting shown in the video. I think people wanted to see ordinary gameplay that is not edited and zoomed and we finally saw some. We also got to see naval combat with cones of attack. Naval combat looks more complicated and interesting then age of empires 2. We also see changes to the UI including numbers shown for unit attack and armor which people wanted. Good update.



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We also saw that camel archer , shooting arrows from his peepee :smiley: . I am sure they will fix that , but it was funny


I thought the game played looked pretty decent. I actually am starting to get hyped for this