Xbox One S Bug in the Mongol Seize Fancheng Campaign

On the Xbox One S the game glitches during the Mongol Seize Fancheng campaign. When it’s time to protect the allied Trebuchets from the Song soldiers, the game glitches and does not allow the game to progress. I’ve played this particular campaign about 30 times now, have followed multiple walkthroughs of this campaign, and have even tried using cheat codes (which I hate using). But the game will not advance.

Also during this campaign I keep getting the error that said there’s not enough disk space, but the Xbox still has 20% of space free and there’s a 2T HHD drive with more than 90% of space free connected as well. None of the other campaigns in this game or any other game give this error.

Is there a bug fix, or workaround for this issue? If not, can ya’ll please squash this bug.

Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.