Xbox Series X

Any news on this coming to the Xbox Series X? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do it but I can’t find any info on it.

no. they focus on a good pc build. then they will see if it performs well (sells) - if it does they will check if they will port it to console.


It’s PC exclusive. As to why they wouldnt do it on consoles, it’s because you cant play a proper RTS like AoE on a controller and they dont want to enforce mouse and keyboard requirement on console users.


A certain amount of effort has to be committed to porting a game from PC to console.
The vast majority of the RTS playerbase is on PC because controllers simply aren’t a great interface for playing RTS games.
Developing Halo Wars for the xbox killed Ensemble Studios. You can understand why Relic might be apprehensive to porting AoE 4.


Just figured with most of the games being on the Xbox and PC they would port it over. There have been RTS that use a controller so you wouldn’t have to force people to use a mouse and keyboard.

I really don’t want to buy a PC just to play this game. Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks guys.

Most games on Xbox are on PC.
A far smaller portion of PC games are available on Xbox.


Yes, there have been RTS made for the controller, but you have to understand those have been fundamentally changed in design in order to work with a controller. This means that also the PC versions of those RTS games suffered from simplified gameplay. For example: only being able to place buildings in a designated area, unable to micro units in close detail, basic economy etc. I have played Halo Wars on consoles, and Sudden Strike 4 and Ancestors Legacy on PC (however these 2 were also designed with consoles in mind), and while I can say I personally thought only Ancestors Legacy was decent, none of them can compare to a proper RTS like AoE or Starcraft, all of them were restricted in gameplay because of controllers compatibility; and it is not surprising that none of these games have barely any players today, they are basically dead in online MP.

Now an RTS like AoE is expected to be a fully fledged RTS which requires finese control with a mouse and keyboard for executing advanced strategies while playing and manually (not automatically) managing a lot of its aspects quickly in order to gain an advantage.


however since the newer consoles do support mouse/keyboard, a port may very well be possible, although unlikely :slight_smile:


They said in an interview that porting AoE4 to Console is likely not possible.
Microsoft will likely now allow a game on Xbox that requires a different input device than a controller. You can even play games like Guitar Hero with a normal controller.

Porting a game like AoE4 to controller input is very hard. Even simplified RTS are hard to control on console. In AoE4 you have up to 200 units that can be controlled individually. and interfaces that are designed to be controlled by a 3x4 button grid.


I’ve gotta say a lot of y’all are rather off base. The Xbox 360 was able to run supreme commander one and two with very few changes. The UI was different and the controller mapping was different. There was also the restriction on unit/build space. These games had more going on then age of empires had at the time and they still got ported over and we’remet with a large amount of success. The 360 ran that just fine. The series X can EASILY run AOE4. While it can certainly be difficult to port a game from pc to Xbox, it is entirely possible. They should not slap the Xbox logo on a game that won’t be on the Xbox, no matter the reasoning.