Xbox Store Sound Issue

Console: Alienware Laptop on latest Windows
100% of the matches played since update

The recent update has caused the game sound to sound extremely scratchy during gameplay and some noises are missing such as market purchases and when under attack. I’ve played like 10 multiplayer ranked matches and the issue has been constant throughout every match.

I’ve had AOE II DE through the Xbox store for about 2 years and never had an issue like this. It’s completely unplayable right now due to the inconsistent volume and constant sounding like sandpaper rubbing together.

I’ve tried adjusting the in game sound play through the options and looking for any mods that would fix the issue.

Thanks for any help or hoping Microsoft pushes out an update to the game soon.

Hello @FrankTank6915
We had reports about voice chat from console version mixing with the sound from PC. Do you think this could be causing your sounds issues?
Other than that I can only recommend you to reinstall the game.
Thanks for your report!

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I’ll try the uninstall and reinstall and see if that corrects the issue.

It’s not so much that the sounds are mixing but rather that there are multiple alert sounds and game noises just entirely missing or that the units sound like they have the bass turned up like 100% when selecting them to do an action in game. It creates a very static sound whenever villagers are tasked to do anything and whenever buying/selling resources at the market there is no sound at all.

Hopefully the reinstall will fix the issue this evening.

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LEt me know once you reinstall :slight_smile:

It’s still missing a few sounds like market purchasing but does make the noise when selling. Overall it seems to be better since the install. The music volume still sounds a bit scratchy but overall much better I think