Xbox to Steam, Profile Statistics MOVEABLE?

I’ve seen differing posts where some say that it’s possible to move a profile from Xbox to Steam or presumably vice-versa also and keep your profile statistics such as games played (ELO/MMR), achievements, event progress & so on. But some have said that ONLY the achievements are moveable between the two accounts/profiles.

I moved to Steam earlier today, put a post in the discussion there & haven’t heard anything… so figured I’d ask here for clarification on what is involved with the client switch (i.e. either how to do it properly or what does it entail - what goes along when moving clients/launchers)?

I just haven’t even seen achievements cross over, which maybe that’s only AoE IV or something… It just seemed reasonable that at least 1 thing would get crossed over at least.
*Also I have had to go back to Xbox for some games… and it has been making me redo the sufficiency test again for online play requiring a 1000+ score. It almost feels like a case of the child (profile) getting 'All of the Negatives of both its parents (Steam & Xbox) and none positives.

You cant sync two different accounts. Even if you bought the xbox version or Steam version twice, you cant sync them both either.

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Sorry here, not quite sure what the Xbox version of Steam is.
But I get that there maybe are accounts I guess and then there are profiles.
What though is the point in connecting your xbox profile into your steam one - since… Imagine I have a friend who wants to play too (even just once with me) and I’ve purchased the Xbox version and the Steam version… I CAN’T let my friend play on the other service from what I’m playing on, because they’re connected & therefore I can only be logged in on one service - meaning my double purchase is something like having 2 of something & only being able to use 1 of them at a time & I am unable/not allowed to share them with anyone else.

So is there genuinely a 0% positive to connecting them - and in fact oddly a NEGATIVE to connecting them instead?

But again I have read that achievements get transferred, then I’ve read that more get transferred such as your event progress… then yes, I’ve heard that nothing gets moved over.

It was a typo. It must be stated as ‘or’, not ‘of’.

There isnt really a reason to buy both…

Thanks thanks I only realised it after I finished posting my last comment up… Figured out what you meant there. And yes it’s just the point of it being less than superfluous essentially that really is adding any amount of ridiculousness & thus confusion.