Xbox version has had a sound bug since launch now. Please FIX! Combat sounds disappear mid game!

Literally after playing the game for 30 minutes or so at the time the combat sounds will disappear. You have to restart the game to get them back. Okay fine. But I was just in a game of Amazon tunnel where it was lasting ages. Over an hour. And then the sound disappears. And because I couldn’t hear his siege onnagers cutting down the trees, the snuck up behind is while we were pushing them back. It’s infuriating. Why would I play a game where these bugs are allowed to persist?

The sounds include all unit attack sounds. Explosions. Villagers. it completely nullifies one of your senses and sound is very important, in any competitive game.

Worst is that the bug has been in since launch and there has been Reddit posts about it. And it must effect a wide range of players on Xbox because my three friends that I play with all experience it. So it’s nothing to do with my game in particular or my console.

I wrote a reminder for the team. Thanks for your report.