Xolotl Warrior buff

Kinda meme right now, Xolotl Warriors in RM and post-Imperial are really two different units right now. The stats boost they receive is really huge. I don’t mean to say that yeah, give the stat boost right away hitting Imperial Age, make them pay for it.

The Elite Eagle Warrior upgrade affects the Xolotl Warrior too giving them the intended effect. Moreover, the meso-American Imperial Age UT also affects the Xolotl Warrior in the same light.

Elite Eagle Warrior - +2/+2 armor, +30 HP
Garland Wars - +4 melee attack
El Dorado - +40 HP
Fabric Shields - +1/+2 armor

The Incas in particular will have Xolotl Warriors slightly better than Saracen Knights (with a 10 HP advantage).

Moreover, when allied with Franks,Xolotl Warriors have +2 LOS and when allied with Persians, Xolotl Warriors have +2 attack vs archers.

Also with the way, the present bonus is implemented with “post-Imperial starts”, I wish devs could disable Blacksmiths and Universities in Post-Imperial Starts.

Yes, now come on bash me in the comments.


The Xolotl Warrior is almost never seen in most standard games of 1v1 arabia by the simple fact none of these civs can make a stable. Only seen in scenarios or crazy game modes. They are a non issue.

Even if you managed to somehow convert an enemy stable. That stable would be far too close to the enemy and would be very susceptible to being destroyed.

Nor are they particularly great units either. They are mostly a meme unit, and should stay as such. Oh yes, they somewhat useful, but when compared to something like a Paladin or Battle Elephant, they are a joke.


Mayans cannot get Xolotl

The stat boost for post-imp games was mostly aimed at making Xolotls usable is BR, and that’s pretty much it, since in other game modes tons of civ will have heresy anyway.

Making them affected by knights related-TB sounds sensible enough. Also if I’m not mistaken they are still not affected by the Aztec bonus that makes them produced faster if the stable happens to be of Aztec origin (admitedly it only ever happens in custom maps and on mega random)

The speed bonus is tied to the unit and not the physical stable and yes, it was fixed to affect them without explicitly mentioning in any patch notes.

Why will a 1000G tech be researched in RM play?

You are 14 months late to comment this

That’s my point. If someone has managed to get a stable, he/she should get the benefits. The units he is making shouldn’t be useless after a while.

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Oh they fixed this, good then. I mentioned heresy because in post imp games heresy will be researched for civs that do get it, and thus outside of Battle Royale, even a post-imp start won’t make Xolotl more usable. Overall I don’t mind whether those ideas are implemented or not, because since your Xolotl will almost always be in low numbers it won’t matter this much.

But why though? It seems pointless. Just leave Xolotl Warrior alone as a meme unit and be done with it. It’s almost never seen and should stay as such. I don’t want Frankish Paladin Xolotl Warriors (or whatever your buffs are) if I somehow convert a stable.

Plus, I think you can delete a stable while it’s being converted. To stop the horror of new super OP Xolotl Warrior. (not really OP what you suggest, but again, it’s pointless)

Who tf cares for xolotls… You never rely on those and you dont want to see them actually since they shouldnt affect the game at all. They are just a meme unit, which tbf devs love to add. The only mode you can get them somewhat consistently is BR but thats also just a little fun mode and doesnt have to do with the competitive play scene and thats good so. Meme universe can be a totally closed set.

Then read your own post before comment!