Xolotl warrior need a buff

I knew people say this is very rare unit, that’s why they need to be rewarding in the rare case someone can do it in a competitive game. Also it is not extremely rare (like persian war elephant). Civs like aztecs tends to play heavy into monks and it is common for aztec player to do redemption. So xolotl warrior with aztecs is not uncommon.

However it is an extremely weak unit, missing bloodline husbandry and armour, 3 most important things for a melee cav. It also can’t be massed, you can only make it from converted stables. So it is reasonable to give them a buff.

My suggestion is give them 20 more hp to compensate for bloodlines, and get +2 melee and pierce armour to compensate for missing armour. Also the lack of husbandry means they are slow, just like teuton cav, so it is reasonable to give them a bit more armour. I think they can also get a bit of extra hp like 20 hp, once the player hits imperial age. Also they could make aztec and inca unique techs affect xolotl warriors so they get some upgradability also different flavours for each civ.


The reason being that they’re not meant to be a reward from converting a Stable, they’re meant to be an Easter Egg. Before they were added to the game, you could not train anything from converted Stables.

Personally I think it’d be fun if the Unique Techs for Meso civs also affected Xolotl Warriors. So Aztecs get +4 attack, Mayans get +40 hp, Incas get +1/2 armor on Xolotl Warriors. They’d still remain useless, but it’d fit the easter egg-y vibe.


I personally would let them get affected by the eagle related UT and replace their cost and stats with those of a light xav instead of a knight.

But rigtht now I think they are fine as a “for fun unit” that was not supposed to be in the game.

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i would be great if xotol warrios get affected by barracks unit upgrades

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