Yay for a good patch. When's the next one?

Devs, can we PLEASE get a commitment to more bug fix patches before spring update? You fixed some major exploits, for which we are grateful. We are grateful for springald nerf. We are grateful there don’t appear to be new bugs popping up.

There are still a zillion well-known bugs which should be easy to fix. Can we get weekly patches with as many bug fixes as you can fit in each week? I mean, Delhi scholars increasing instead of decreasing keep research time - that’s got to be just a +/- typo in code somewhere, right? Will you please give us some low hanging fruit for quality of life?

I think if all that happened between now and Spring update is we get weekly bug fix patches, there will be a lot of happy players (though I will offer 1 exception: x15 imp research time for Delhi might as well be a bug and should be reduced to at least x10 posthaste).


There really isn’t any patience anymore in today’s gamers nor do they understand how game development works. They just released a patch, minor but important one just like they said they would do before the holiday season.

They are most likely already working on what will most likely be the biggest patch yet that will come sometime in spring and for that to happen it requires a lot of time studying the data gathered by the players as well as our feedback on the forums, then go ahead and fix all the mentioned bugs and balancing issues etc.

This all takes time and effort by the developers, and to ensure a bug free delivery of the patch they need to take it slower not to mention that whenever a patch is ready it’s 20-30 days old because of the quality control made by Microsoft.

I agree with you that we have more things we would like to see addressed but we must also understand that this is a big process and we must give them time to do it.

Stop being so stressful, enjoy the holidays with family and friends and I’m sure that they will give us an update after new year at some point. To expect anything more before it is just setting up for disappointment.


Like many other industries, I’d expect them to be on holidays over Christmas. Possibly for anywhere up to 4 weeks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a patch early January,

Nor would I be surprised if the spring update isn’t followed shortly after (just like the winter update was released a season early)

The passion the Devs clearly show in their live streams gives me confidence that they really are on top of things!

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I mean I’m still enjoying the game. It’s just frustrating to see so many EASY bugs unaddressed. The last patch probably took some time to get right cause the bugs they were chasing were more involved.

The thing is, there are clearly low hanging fruit that are NOT particularly involved. For example, Delhi scholars increase instead of decreasing research times in keeps… that’s a sign error. Fixing that in the code should take 5 minutes. Several Delhi research times are multiplied incorrectly (e.g. dark and feudal techs with x5 multiplier should be x3 or x3.5, honed blades is in castle age but has x15 multiplier)… those are just values in a table. Should take a few minutes each to get those corrected. I’m not as familiar with current bugs on other civs, but I’d bet there are at least 10-20 simple bugs like that in the game right now that could be corrected with less than half a day’s work.

That’s my frustration. Most of the game-breaking exploits have now been addressed. There are clearly bugs that are more complex interactions and will probably take some time to properly fix and test. But there are quite a few that could be addressed with very little effort and effectively zero risk of introducing new bugs. I want to see them take a day to a week or so and just knock out as many easy bugs as they can, then roll out another patch a.s.a.p. just for quality of life. My guess is of the outstanding bugs, they can probably address 20% with 2% of the total effort, and another 30% with maybe 5-7% of the total effort. Probably 80% of the bugs can be fixed with 20% of the total effort, and the last 20% will take 80% of the effort. That’s just the way these things go. Now that most all the game-breaking exploits have been addressed, I want to see them knock out the easy ones a.s.a.p.

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Can never really tell how easy some bugs are. Large game code can be weird where just changing a small value can break something else for seemingly no reason. For example in the latest patch when they move techs outside of house of wisdom and they stacked or the spear brace bug or insert Delhi bug here.

Annoyingly its impossible for them to be expedient with patches, because we don’t get the patch until ~2-3 weeks after Relic finishes with it since it has to go through Microsoft’s verification stuff then to steam.

so we need to wait 3 months until demo ships are balance/fixed? how can they allowed demo ships to take entire armies? is stupid, no one tested this game before release.

You’re right, we don’t know EXACTLY how each one is set up, but I GUARANTEE there are at least 10-20 easy bugs that COULD be fixed super fast. If there aren’t, they’re utterly incompetent programmers. Rule 1 of complex design is stick the value in a table that everything references. That way you change it in 1 place. Those simple things like research times should be a super easy fix. Some other things (e.g. tower elephant archers not benefitting from blacksmith upgrades, producing a man-at-arms with honed blades resetting Hisar Academy tech count, etc.) may well be much more complex and require some focused testing. But items that are just fixing the value (x3 instead of x5, x5 instead of x15, - instead of +, etc.) should be very easy.

I wait every day for a coming balance and bug fix patch. The last one was tiny compared to what should be fixed at the state of the game.
The Game is not in a state, that quarter patches be enough atm.
At least please give us an ETA.

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I imagine that at least some of them should be easy and I’m hoping for a patch, waiting for news myself. But at the same time its going to take 2-3 weeks for us to get the patch AFTER they fix the bug sadly, so not really sure what I should be expecting.

Exactly it. The game is de facto still in a developement stage.
Look at the springald state at release. It was a pretty effiecient anti-seige sniper isn’t it ? XD