Yet Yet Another SteamDB DLC

Just a few days ago @Szaladon posted of a new ‘unknown’ entry on the AoE2 DE SteamDB page.

Well yet again we have just had another one appear:


At this rate it can’t just be a sign for another DLC. It has to be for another reason.

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What is it a sign for then?

I’m no game programmer so I can’t know for sure, but it could be a test or something.

Isn’t testing listed here?:

As of this writing there are two “unknowns” listed that were updated within the last two days. Both have an ID number that suggests being very new as well. Certainly they couldn’t both be DLC right? And if one of them is DLC it must be on there for some sort of testing purposes. I wouldn’t expect a next DLC to drop before half a year from the previous one, closer to a full year after would have been my first guess.

Although fair enough, I could just be completely misreading the business model here.

How does the ID number suggest they are new?


The numbers seem to go up. Lords is 138…, these are both 155…

The number might automatically change with every update or something, I don’t know, but it looked like a way to get an idea of their original posting date to me.

(Also, forum system, not cool abbreviating more than three dots down to three.)

Yeah i guess. It’s like this for AoE2

I don’t know if there is a correlation somewhere between the IDs and something else, though.