York, Battle of the Forgotten Issue


  • Enemies(to the player) civilization are hostile towards each other.
  • Some Civilizations do nothing nor attack the player

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.35584.0 4714641
  • Platform: Steam


  • Green, Blue, Teal keep attacking Gray.
  • Gray and Purple are fighting each other.
  • Yellow and Orange do absolutely nothing.

The enemy factions are killing each other and when they destroy Markets, Monasteries, Town Center, Cathedrals and Wonders, the player is awarded Gold.

The player will receive in tribute approximately 15k golds within 10-15 minutes after the Viking army arrives.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Launch the title
  2. Go to Campaign
  3. Select Historical Battle in the Africa Map
  4. Start the York scenario
  5. Navigate to the Southern flag
  6. Build you camp and play the scenario as normal
  7. Wait for the Army to arrives
  8. Eventually, you will start earning Gold from Tribute
  9. (Optional, use Marco + Polo Cheats and observe the computer)

Expected Result:

All factions hostile to the player are allied to each other and attack the player instead of fighting each other.

Due to the nature of the issue, no screenshot could be provided as its occurs throughout the scenario.

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