You abandon your town suddenly appears

Probably stupid questions, but why do (during skirmish game) I out of the blue get the message “you abandon your town”? What triggers this event?
Very frustrating to get this message, meaning I’m out of the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

got some more details?
which map, what was happening?

  • Skirmish
  • 4 players
  • Type: All Maps
  • Map: Large Maps
  • Game Rules: Standard
  • Starting Age: Exploration Age
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Game Speed: Fast

I’m playing with the British. (against 3 other teams)
Yesterday this occurred twice, both during the game when in Industrial Age.
In both situations I had around 150+ people, doing well and out of the blue I was shown ‘You’ve abandoned your town’.

Thanks again.

Probably a Trade Monopoly victory occurred. You need to watch out for that.

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Thanks for the answer, I’ll keep an eye on this thing!

I´ve had the same poblem, its not the trade monopoly by emeny.
In few skirmish games I stopped monopoly and got a graet army ready for attack with all my force I got “you abandoned town” loss.

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