You can see how unimportant Age 3 is for the developers

No information on the announced DLCS for months, no patch that balances the CIVS for several months, simply nothing. No answers to support requests, here in the forum no questions from visitors are answered either.

I really wonder what your intention is. Making money or having or developing a decent game can’t be it in any case. People already write that they don’t play the game anymore, write to you here in the forum that they are frustrated and there is simply nothing in the way of information. The last update for Age2 is already 3 days old. But well, that’s just the cash cow of the series. But you can see it in the stats how the player numbers are developing, but I’m sure you don’t care about that, because the rest doesn’t interest you either. I think it’s really stupid. The community has become more active again since the DE but you manage to alienate all the players again even after the USA DLC.

We want to know - When will there be the next CIV patch and when will there be new information about the DLC?


New achievements have been added to the steam page. Updates are coming soon.

Even recent AOE2 DLCs (which do not have a huge amount of contents) take months to make. One AOE3 civ probably requires more work than that. The African DLC is going to be even bigger. You expect that to take more time.

EDIT: but I do think more communication is needed.


I have to mention that this DLC will be the first big DLC/Expansion since Asian Dynasties.

They already said to expect new campaigns and 2-3 new factions (two have been announced so far).
In the Fan Preview they said they began work at the DLC, meaning for decent content you can expect 4-6 months minimum development time.

USA was easy content wise, since 90% of the buildings have just the common European theme.
If you want some quality Civs, have patience my friend.

ArrivedLeader22 New achievements have been added to the steam page. Updates are coming soon.

Damn I haven’t noticed that - now I am pumped!


They say African Dlc will come at October. Patience is virtious. But I agree more communication is needed.


AoEII just go co-op for campaigns, a second DLC on the way and is the golden child of the entire franchise. What are you basing those percentages on lol?

You’re right about AoEI, however…


lol really…

AOE II is the Cashcow since years. Also what is wrong with you?


You guys still get all the cool features.

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Lol what a bold claim.


Bold is just what I am.

Well sir, let me just respond:
Let me laugh even harder HAHAHAHAHA


I agree to a certain part that they don’t seem to bother in communicating or sharing a bit of new information about the African DLC, even it’s just the official confirmation of the new civs it will include.
Back in the fan preview they said literally: “we will have more info to share soon”. Now we are 3 months later and the only thing we know is the codename “Belfast” and confirmation that it will also contains new campaigns.


Has it really been so long ago? Dang, my career is killing my time…

About the communication, yeah, it’s one of the things we are missing a bit, I wished that we got a lot more feedback on posts, even a little “We read this and we will consider it” would warm everyone’s hearts. I suggested in another post that they could do voting like in AoE2-DE, quick polls by the devs that show how much attention they are putting here to all the suggestions/ideas we post on a daily basis.

I guess hahah, that’s just my opinion. Cheers.

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Aoe2 new dlc just got recently more information regarding civs,campaigns and release date. Aoe3 dlc is most likely later. Steam database shows dlc is updated daily so they are working on it.

I don’t see how AoE3 is unimportant just because they don’t talk to you daily-montly level.


What cool features did AoE3 get that 2 didn’t?

  • 2 Is getting it’s second set of dlc that includes campaigns and civs.
  • It has gotten new games modes with Empire Wars and the Battle Royal.
  • Co-op missions are getting added.
  • It’s getting custom ranked lobbies starting with DM.
  • I’m sure there are others cool features for 2 that can be listed

3 is definitely getting more attention than 1, but I disagree that it’s getting more attention than 2.

I also don’t see 3 being unimportant since it is still getting monthly patches and paid dlcs.


Cool features like range indicators and maximizable mini maps.


So two features, and aoe2 has one of those so it’s only one thing aoe3 has that 2 doesn’t, now let’s see what 2 has that 3 doesn’t:


More dlcs than us

Map rotation and voting

A good scenario editor

Tons of small cool things that you can win from special events like the statues on your tc or the hand cannoneers looking like aoe3 units just to same a few but obviously there’s lots more

Empires wars and battle royal

Much more campaigns than us

Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say seven is greater than two, the favor of games probably looks something like this:

Aoe2: favorite

Aoe3 and AOM: kinda care about

Aoe1: doesn’t care about

Aoe online: wait, this game exists?


Alright, you make good points but here’s where you’re wrong AoE III shouldn’t be in the same category as AoM, AoM hasn’t had a DLC since the Tale of the Dragon one or whatever it was, and that DLC was terrible from what I’ve heard on the forums, not only that AoM hasn’t had an update in years, has it? Also, keep in mind that AoE II unilke AoE III gets stale and boring quick.

You guys get more events and better ones in my opinion.

Both of them suck.

Only for buildings, I want them for ranged units too.

Okay, better is kind of subjective so fair enough, but we definitely do not have more, The only big events aoe3 as had were bombard brawl and the United States event.

I don’t think the devs would make empire wars a ranked mode if people didn’t like them at least to some extent, Red Bull wololo gets tons of views too

Mods would be your best bet probably, the aoe2 modding section is pretty stacked last time I checked, lots of cool player made campaigns, UI mods, small trees of course too, and cool multiplayer scenarios like game of thrones and stuff.


This person obviously just wants attention.


They say African Dlc will come at October.

Whats your source? Who says that the DLC will come in October?
Anybody knows what he is talking about?

I think it will be earlier (hopefully), since they are already adding achievements.

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