You cannot remap "STOP" building hotkey

I’ve just updated AOE4 to the latest season two update with fully remappable hotkeys but i fully can’t remap “S” hotkey that stops building a building.

How to replicate the problem:

  1. Let a villager build any building.
  2. Click on the building, you will see “Stop” button with “S” hotkey.
  3. You can’t remap that key.

In the options menu you can find “STOP” hotkey, but it seems it works with military units only.


Thank you for pointing this out @MannyCalaveraSV! As far as actions go there is a difference between “Building—cancel construction!” and “Unit—stop what you are doing!” even though they are both seemingly mapped to “Stop”. I’ll get this to the team to check out.

Much appreciated!

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