You can't "shift-queue" the first relic being dropped at the Monastery

As the title says. The very first relic you pick up can’t be shift-queued to be dropped at the Monastery. Additional relics after that can be queued up and be automatically dropped just fine. It seems like the Monastery doesn’t unlock it’s relic “garrison”, only after the first relic is stored.

This was a bug in the betas as well. Still unfixed in the release version.


After further testing, it seems this is not only on the first relic, but happens randomly. Devs, can you please comment on this if you are aware or not? This bug is getting annoying because I have priests holding relics right next to the monasteries for a long time because they don’t shift-queue-drop them properly.


Ok, so I think I now fully understand what happens: Freshly spawned monks cannot automatically drop their first relic into the monastery via shift+queue. Subsequent relics picked up by the same monk do not have this issue.

Steps to reproduce:
– Spawn a monk/imam/prelate/etc
– With the monk selected, Shift+right_click on a relic
– Without deselecting the monk, Shift+right_click on the monastery to drop the relic
– You will notice that the “drop” icon/pointer doesn’t trigger
– The monk will come back to the monastery but remain next to it without dropping the relic
– If you now manually right_click on the monastery again, the relic will be dropped
– The same monk can now pick up additional relics and drop them via queue without issues
– If you spawn a new monk, the same issue will appear with the first relic he picks up

Can a dev test and confirm that this is reproducible? It’s getting annoying not having gold income because I have 3 monks doing nothing next to the monastery.


How it appears to work is that Drop Relic is an ability, that you can see is greyed out if the monk does not have a relic. “Requirement: Has a relic” or something like that.
Scouts with Sheep work the same way:
If a scout has no sheep, the Herd Sheep to Building is locked out. So you can’t tell a scout to drop off the sheep it will collect in the future as part of a shift-queued route around your base. “Requirement: Sheep following” is the problem here, same as relics.

In my opinion it would be better if all/most of these abilities had this requirement removed. This would let you shift-queue relic drop offs, sheep drop off, and other such things.

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That would make sense but it doesn’t explain why after the first relic, you can task the monk to pick them up and drop them without actually carrying one. It’s an issue just with the very first relic and a “fresh” monk.

So you may be right in that there’s an ability of sorts, but it’s permanently unlocked for a specific monk after they pick up the first relic. Carrying one after that is not a requirement.

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I see, so it’s inconsistent too.

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Thanks, all. We are aware and tracking this issue internally.