You Can't

Who are you responding to here? I don’t see anyone in this post calling them lazy.


Unfortunately they don’t care, money is made.

“They” refers to the executives who make the decisions, not the devs, I’m sure some of the devs really do care, I know for a fact SavageEmpire is very involved in hearing us out and fixing the game, but that still doesn’t mean that the people above him, or above his boss, and so on, will ever agree with us, or ever admit to a botched launch even.

Oh yeah I agree. Money is made, ‘they’ (executives) probably see this as a success indeed. All I can do is argue about it in the forums and boycott Relic and MS from now on (not a dime from me will go to any DLC, expansion or follow-up title after this).

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Def not you , I was just stating some things

The game is not perfect but it is playable… very playable. If I see tournaments and see how fun the match-ups, I would play it. I dont see Pros play on a tournament and then leave in the middle of the game complaining about broken features.

I see pro gameplays on youtube and it seems fun. I played it although casually vs the Hardest AI and I am actually having fun. I know you could abuse against the AI by rushing them. By not doing these rushes, it seems the Hardest AI is playable as their resource production is A+++. I had a blast.

I finished the all the campaign. Playing around Masteries against Hardest AI… completed English and French so far. And now enjoying the Russians. 1x mastery completion per game seems slow. But I am okay. I am not on a rush to burn out myself on this game.

I know the controls could have been better like other RTS games like StarCraft2. But I am done with StarCraft2 as I played it for many years. And I want something new that is not StarCraft. And this is it. And to me, this is a refreshing game.

I dont want to play games with outdated graphics. You wont force me to play AoE2 or AoE3. AoE4 is not perfect but it is a good game and decent to current pc hardware.

Ummm AoEIIIDE has much better graphics, unit models and animations than AoEIV. Much better.


agree yes