You Destroyed Turtling

You nerfed walls and towers by like 50%. They feel useless now.

The whole idea of Wonders was to allow the player to win via turtling. This is now impossible.

Wait they nerfed it for every civ?
Or only one?
Why would they do that?

All races.

It feels like they’re trying to push aggression, which is dumb. This game has never been an esport.

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Offense =/= esports. You turtling by not knowing any other way to play is a different thing.


oh no, I use this strategy a lot. I don’t have the new patch yet and I’m glad because I don’t think I’ll enjoy this change. Walls were already easily destroyed anyway, not sure why they had to make them even weaker?

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I noticed this too but to be fair, in Age of Mythology building your super fortress always felt fairly weak in general, even against normal AI difficulty, in other words, structures in general, castles and towers always felt as if they were made of paper. Not saying I like it, I don’t, but it always felt like that for me.

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