You enjoy waiting. Still!


I’m opening this topic, because probably all of us is already very upset and dialed.

The game can be renamed:

we’ll call her. A big secret.

And why?

Because since 2017, what was the first mention of the game.
We don’t really know anything about the game.

During all that time, we saw 2 videos of a few short posts on youtube.

Where is the Promised Beta?
Where is any PvP 1x1 game video?
4 months of publication and still not all nations are introduced? In detail!
We still know almost nothing …

For me, this game is as mysterious as a castle in the Carpathians.

And that’s why I won’t be looking for Beta or some news here every day …

Probably the release of the game will come on October 28, 2021 … But I don’t know what condition … Probably mysterious.


We do know all the civs but that is the most info we have, lol


I’m not sure. Does anyone know whether AoE4 has left alpha status or is it still in this status?

I haven’t seen any confirmation of the development status since the pre alpha preview…

You were never promised a beta. They will select SOME players to participate in a beta. For all we know, the beta is already out and we weren’t invited. This constant entitled demand for the beta is getting tiresome.

The game is months from release. There are still months left for them to show all of these for you to view before release date. It’s not like you can play the game earlier just because they put out a pvp video.

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Yup, they will only allow richy “yes men” people to go thru the beta, and leave people who actually criticise the game out of it.

If that were true where is my invite then? :joy:


Ah, baseless slander.

Or more likely, as evidenced by the dxdiag upload, they want to get data from a wide range of computer specs running their game.

But as with any limited beta, the value of limiting the beta is to find and fix issues before the general public ever sees them. It’s just good PR.


The team would not announce a beta is coming and then remain silent about it after the beta has started. When invites are sent out for the beta there will be an announcement.


They may reveal the details about two remaining civs after beta release. But I still don’t understand if the game is ready just going through polish work and also available for pre order then what is the logic behind revealing 6 civs not all eight.

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when will that be? soon?


@vasmar43 Before release. That’s all I know.


actually we were promised a beta., just not guaranteed access. we were informed that after the insiders video, there will be a beta. Technically we got another stream first. bot of course “after” is a broad term.

And if the beta did start, we would know.

Its ONLY a few months from release. the last month is usually for translations and final QA testing, the month before that would be fixes and finalization of UI and gmeplay, and suddenly there are alerady ony 2,3 months left where any feedback is usuable.
Im just sad they dont take the opportunity.


1.7.2021 and Beta nowhere.
Theye probably dont want feedback from players.
Time is running out quickly so that there is no room for changes from players.

Will there be a Beta at all?

It will be just stability test and mby demo to hype up the game before release. There IS no time for propper beta no more.

yes, there will be. after all it was announced. Quesition is how long will it be and therefore how much impact will it have ;D

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I just want to throw in the plans for Battlefield 2042’s beta for comparison, since BF will be released October 22nd compared to AOE:4 on October 28:

Dice stated to have two separate kind of betas for Battlefield 2042:

  • a technical test, with NDA, some time in July
  • a bigger open beta accessible for everyone, in the months until release
    This lets one easily deduct that their bigger open beta will start in in August or September.

I know we are talking about two widely different games here, but I still think it gives some orientation.

Furthermore, important gaming events where more information for either game could be disclosed:
PAX East (15/7-18/7/21)
Gamescom (25/08-29/08/21)

So, as much as it pains me to say: patience, nothing much will happen this month despite maybe the disclosure of some more information.


they changed their plans already it seems because july will have an open beta aswell, only with preorders being able to play 2 days earlier^^

I don’t believe anything will happen anymore …They let me down…
How can anyone say that there will be a Beta soon and 2 months and a half have passed since then and the Beta is still nowhere


This is honestly not a good sign in my eyes, they might as well delay the launch of the game so that a proper beta can be applied and tested to give as much feedback possible.

They are way too quite when a game is supposed to be launched in 3 months time, there is so much stuff we don’t know about this game yet its quite worrying I have to say and the longer they leave us in the dark the more speculation and bad publicity they will get which doesn’t help them at all.

As they have said in videos, they play the game every day. This means that practically, most of the bugs etc have been found. Also the company behind this is Relic, a company that knows all parts of creating a game process and all possible problems they might appear.

The most important reasons for beta are:

  1. Find any bug that missed the persons they test the game from the company. ( I wouldn’t be surprised if the beta we will take has not any bug at all )
  2. The community ask for some changes. Examples are the units scale, arrow scale etc. They made some changes, but the final decisions will be decided by beta testers.
  3. The most important reason for the beta testing in my opinion is the civilizations balances. It is almost sure that this changes will take place. Most of the games even after release makes balance changes from time to time.